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How can I Use Telegram Live Location

Telegram Live Location – How to share Telegram Live Location – How to do telegram Live LocationStop live location sharing in Telegram

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How to share Telegram Live Location

The new version of Telegram (4.4) offers an interesting feature called Location, where users can share their location. In this article, we intend to teach you how to work or use Live Location. Stay with us.

Telegram recently released its latest version update. So, though, the Telegram 4.4 update brings several new features to users. But, among them, the Live Location feature is one of the most interesting things.

According to the new feature of Telegram Location:
Therefore, users of this application can share their location live with other users. Also, in the continuation of this article, we intend to teach you how to use Telegram Location.

How to do telegram Live Location

In order to share your location with other users in Telegram, you must do the following:

Telegram Live Location

Firstly, Before any work, you must update your telegram to version 4.4.
Secondly, run Telegram and enter the dialog box you want. This conversation window can be an individual or group window.
Then, select the icon with the “clip” icon from the bottom bar of the page and to the right of it to order the file submission.
After that, select the “Location” option.
Then, select the red option Share My Live Location For.

How to share Telegram Live Location

Then, select the length of time you want your location to be shared live with the user or users in the list of three options. Therefore, this time can be considered equal to 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. However, keep in mind that canceling location sharing will be possible at any time. Then, after selecting the duration you want, you must touch the Share option.

How to do telegram Live Location

Finally, you will see that your location is displayed live to the user using the Location feature.

Stop live location sharing in Telegram

After activating the Telegram Location feature and sharing your location, you will be able to deactivate it whenever you wish. Therefore, you must go through the following steps:

Stop live location sharing in Telegram
Stop live location sharing in Telegram

Firstly, Launch the Telegram application.
Secondly, Enter the chat window where your location is shared live.
Then, Touch the map where your location is displayed.
After that, select the red Stop Sharing Location option from the bottom of the page.
Then, Simply disable live sharing of your location. Once again, to use the Telegram Location feature Finally, and share your location in this messenger, you are not limited to individual chats, and there is also the possibility of sharing location in Telegram groups.


As you can see, in this article, we taught you how to work with the Telegram Location feature. However, if you need more information about any of the sections described, you can contact our experts for advice.

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