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Buy telegram channel users

Buy telegram channel users[Reasons for using Telegram for business]

buy telegram members
Buy telegram channel users

Telegram is growing at an incredible rate, and at the same time, all businesses are starting to operate in Telegram

Reasons for using Telegram

How to buy Telegram members?

Buying Telegram members is very important these days, and the reason is the fierce competition between businesses and individuals. If you are reading this, then you are definitely in a certain business that needs further progress and here at So, We try to help you to choose the best method to increase the members of your channel or group 

In summary, buying members alone cannot complete your growth in Telegram Reseller Panel, and you certainly need courses like Telegram Channel Management and Telegram Search for Advanced Search, all of which we teach you on

Buy Telegram Channel Member

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$0.5 /Start

Buy Telegram Group Member

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Random Members
Min 500 / Max 200,000

$1 /Start

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If you have a group in Telegram, our team will provide you with the best services, which are provided below.

Reasons to buy members

First, increasing your channel membership is very important and that is due to the standpoint that your customers and members will have towards your channel. Certainly, a channel with a few members will not be popular, therefore we strongly suggest that you read about the ways to increase your Telegram membership so that you can grow and progress quickly in Telegram. 

Secondly, Telegram is currently one of the strongest social networks that have attracted the attention of all businesses in many shapes and forms and there is no denying that. Therefore, we suggest that if you haven’t already started your activity on Telegram, take action as soon as possible and include Telegram in your work schedule.

Reasons to buy members
Reasons to buy telegram member

Note :
You must learn about Telegram search algorithm. Because its very important in telegram and you can get first channel rankings in telegram searching.

Need to Buy telegram channel users

Most Definitely in Telegram, due to high activity and many channels and groups are working with all topics, and you can’t attract users to your channel just by creating a channel or a group and start working on it, and if you don’t use advertising services. So, You will not make any progress.

Then, consider that you have a strong business and you have just started working in Telegram and you only have 100 members and your competitors who are not as good as you in the job have over 50,000 members. So which channel or group do you think your customer is going to choose? Certainly, people choose the channel which has 50k members because this is the thing that attracts people.

Buy telegram channel users
Do I Really Need to Buy Telegram Members?

We have been in contact with different people with different ideas about advertising in Telegram, and there have always been people who had chosen natural growth at first but after a few months and not getting the results that they want that would come to us again for advertisement.

Reasons to Buy telegram channel users

The reason why the Telegram channel or group does not grow normally is that all kinds of businesses are operating in Telegram at the moment, and certainly others have the same subject as you do, and they have also created a channel or group for it. So you are not the first person therefor you have to do a lot of advertisement to reach your competitors.

How can I increase my telegram members fast and cheep?

Telegram members methods(Buy telegram channel users)

There are several methods we can use to increase the membership of your Telegram channel or group, which we are going to discuss in order for you to select the best method. In Telegram, due to the large number of ways to increase our membership, we recommend that you use our free consultation before making your purchase because each method is for a different activity, which may not work well if used without proper knowledge.

Telegram members methods
telegram increase channel or group method

The methods used by the are :

Real Telegram Members – Fake Telegram Members – Targeted Telegram Members and in the podcast below, I will explain the details of each meter

Telegram members methods

Real Telegram members :  

In this method, real people are invited to your channel by force ad, which means that people can check your channel after entering it and decide whether stay or leave your channel, and this method is one of the cheapest methods of This way you can get 500,000 Telegram members.

Pros: Fast delivery, very high speed, and low price
Cons: The received members are global. Most of the members are from Asia and about 50% leaves after the invitation.

Fake Channel members :

In this method, we use inactive accounts to increase the number of your members numerically, which means that only the number of your members will increase, but these accounts are not active because they are fake and offline. This method is only recommended for your starting point, you can prepare a number of fake members for yourself before the official introduction of your channel, which is very important in terms of the appearance of your channel because starting your official activities on channel with only a few members doesn’t really have a good look to it, it doesn’t represent successful business.

Pros: Stable members and Low drop rate

Cons: No activity and no views to posts

Targeted Telegram members :

Targeted members are not always recommended for all channels or groups because it is mainly focused on specific subjects and specific groups of people, for example, if your business needs a certain type of members who already have some knowledge or interest in your business or area of expertise then this service will help you, but it is not recommended for channels which are at their early stages, for example, a channel that wants to reach 1 million members certainly cannot start with targeted members without building its business foundation and that’s why we recommend the Force add method for your early stages.

Pros: Absolutely purposeful and very high quality
Cons: High cost and low speed in doing

Kind of members

Telegram member adder :

Firstly: Recently, I’ve been looking to sell software called Telegram member add or telegram member adder bot. So, Which is a lie, and there’s no software for it, and a dedicated multi-app system is definitely needed. No one sells their summary system !

Buy telegram channel users With Bitcoin :

Buying a Telegram member with Bitcoin on the is quick and easy. So, it’s good news that all payment methods are supported on our site.

Buy telegram channel users India :

Telegram is very popular in India, and we support many Indian channels and groups and you can easily buy from us. We also support Indian payment methods.

Your progress in Telegram

Growth and progress in Telegram are not achieved overnight. You have to be patient And carefully collect the requirements, in summary. If we want to explain the progress in Telegram, it will all end with advertising. But we have a lot of channels, which despite inadequate and deficient advertising have progressed and performed significantly due to their large number of members.

Buy telegram channel users
your progress in telegram

To grow in Telegram, you need training and also to pay a fee, but the training is in the first stage, so to start you need to learn the relevant training and knowing this to start buying services and advertising for Telegram.

Progress in Telegram

How many steps is progress in Telegram?

The first step depends on what field you plan to work on in Telegram, if you work on specific topics, you will progress quickly, but if its something general that many people have done or discussed then it requires more time. 

1- Determining the purpose of the activity in Telegram

Telegram has created a functional environment in which every job can act accordingly and grow and progress, and if the steps of construction, management, and advertising are done properly, your result will definitely be a success, the first step is to determine your goal. Find out if all your jobs need Telegram or if one or more sections need Telegram.
To better understand this, it is recommended to contact our experts at

2- Telegram channel or group management course

Definitely, after determining the goal, the most important thing you should do is to manage it properly. This includes the appearance, content, and communication with your users. Which you can learn about in our specially designed telegram management course which you can take  on our website

3- Advertising and purchase of Telegram member

After going through the first two steps and setting a goal and learning how to manage it. So you should start advertising and increasing your memberships, which you will definitely need to do. I suggest you contact us from the support section on our website.

Expert opinions

In this section, we review the opinions of experts, The opinion of digital marketing experts can help us progress, Certainly, the opinions of experienced experts can be of great help to us choosing the best approach for the business

Telegram has advanced to the point where all cyberspace experts have expressed differing opinions about it, which can help you a lot.

Telegram has given businesses new power, and certainly every business needs to start operating in Telegram, Telegram has found a global position.


Rahul Micho

Digital Marketer / india

Telegram has made good progress and due to the increase in advertising in Telegram and telegram is improving to good position for businesses.


Gorj Davis

Advertising consultant / USA

With its channel and group capability, Telegram has distinguished itself from other social networks and has provided a good opportunity for advertising.


Anushka Basu

Business Consultant / india

If you haven’t started your activity on Telegram, watch the video below and include Telegram in your daily schedule.

How to use Telegram

[educational video]

How To Use TelegramDownload Telegram app

FAQs :

How to Buy telegram channel users?

Buying a Telegram members on a is easy and in a short time, which includes two steps: buying from the site or contacting the support and direct purchase.

What is the telegram members price?

Prices for Telegram members start at $1, which you can buy in professional packages for higher amounts.

What payment methods are supported?

You can use all payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Paytm, Stripe.

How to trust disoq?

You can try the test services to trust the disoq and also check the opinions of our customers, Disoq has received high ratings from customers on payment and social media pages, and our motto has always been honesty and long-term cooperation.

buy telegram channel member

Buy Telegram channel member with several methods and high quality on disoq and immediate delivery and purchasing channel members consists of two parts
1- Real Telegram members
2- Fake Telegram members

buy telegram group member

Buy a member of Telegram Group with the best quality and three different services from real group members, offline group members and targeted group members.

Is it legal to buy telegram channel users?

Yes, we use well-tested and legal methods to increase your channel or group members

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      But if quality is important, try to use our targeted methods

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