Telegram search algorithm

Telegram search algorithm

How to get the best position in Telegram search?

best method to telegram searching

Due to the excessive popularity of Telegram by social network users, this program has gained a lot of popularity and there is a lot of competition among the creators of the Telegram channel or group. The Disoq programming team gives you all the possible solutions for progress. In this article, we have tried to teach you all the ways to progress in the Telegram channel and group so that you can use these trainings for free.

All the information provided to you is experimental and has no external sources and is the result of several years of efforts by the Disoq multi-person team.

The most important key points in searching for telegram channels or groups:

When was the channel or group created?
number of users on the channel or groups :
No violations in the channel and group
Existence of keywords in title and description

When was the channel or group created?

The age of your channel or group, the more age of channel or group is important to see in the telegram searching but channel life alone does not work, but it is effective as a supplement.

number of users on the channel or groups :

One of the reasons for the validity of the channel and the telegram group is the number of users in them, and the more users there are, the more valid the channel and group. It should be noted that reputable channels and groups are more common in search.

No violations in the channel and group:

The lack of a history of breaches in the channel and group increases the credibility and attraction of many users, so it is necessary to pay close attention to this point.

Use keywords:

One of the most important points in the search engine is the use of keywords that should be mentioned in the title and text of the description and repeated several times to searching the channel or group with the highest possible power.
Use keywords in the content sent to the channel or group :
When sending content to the Telegram channel or group, be sure to use keywords at the beginning or end of the text because it has a great impact on being seen in searches.

channel activity :

The level of activity of your users indicates the legitimacy of your channel and the legitimacy helps you to be in the forefront of the search.

How to be the first search for Telegram?
Searching on Telegram depends on many things, including the number of users, the activity of the users, the credibility, the use of keywords and the absence of violations.

Does it cost to improve your ranking in search of Telegram?
You can do this for free by reading the full article

Does Bisoq make search engine rankings better?
Yes. You can contact support and increase your rankings