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Download Telegram app

Download Telegram app

Download Telegram app [PicoPlus Version]

The new Telegram is a social network that allows you to send messages. So, you can easily send any type of file with any format in different sizes and volumes. Telegram has no restrictions on sending messages and supports text, video and video messages with different sizes. So, allowing all its users to be able to communicate with other people completely free of charge, regardless of Time and space constraints. If you are a Telegram user, you are well aware of this, but Telegram has behind the scenes that are very important and all Telegram users and people who want to use Telegram should be informed so that they can make the best use of it.

Download Telegram app is our topic, and in this article, we will fully examine all aspects of using Telegram and how to access Telegram, so that once and for all, the problem of finding Telegram will be solved for all users without interruption and at high speed. In many cases, Telegram users face the problem of connecting to the Telegram server, and to solve the problem, they turn to different proxies and VPNs, while there is no need for a proxy, and with a simple trick, you can make a telegram to Telegram. It stayed connected and used it as a rack.

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PicoPlus Version

In this article, there are cases in which several users have been forced to use tedious ways to solve it, and after accessing it, they have encountered very harmful advertisements, which we intend to solve all the problems in Telegram and its prediction. In order to use this program easily, it is a social network so that you can use Telegram programs without any disruption. Join us so that with the genius of our programming team, all the mentioned problems become a bad memory for you and go back to the golden age of using Telegram, which you can take advantage of by installing only one Telegram for many years and with the least. So, experience the highest net speed in the program and say goodbye to all the stresses caused by the obvious disturbances of the Telegram app.

Telegram popularity Reason(Telegram app)

Telegram has not suddenly gained popularity and one of the most important reasons for the success of this messenger can be its open source, open source means that developers can publish unofficial versions of this messenger, and apparently this The program will make changes (of course, all versions to the main Telegram server and only the appearance can be changed) and for this reason many versions of Telegram such as Picoplus or Plus Messenger have been released. And now to download the best Telegram, refer to the end of the post. And download the file.

PicoPlus Telegram app Version Features

Pico, with its outstanding service is best that stands out from other apps and has the highest installation rate in the past month, has the following features:

  • Firstly:Add a separate folder feature for chats [in the latest version of Telegram version 6]
  • Secondly:Build an unlimited number of channels and groups in Telegram
  • Then:Telegram allows you to create unlimited number of channels for free
  • Then:You can create a regular group or a super group and attract up to 200,000 members
  • After that:You can make quality voice calls with Telegram
  • After that:Telegram allows you to access your messages from multiple devices.
  • Deliver messages faster than any other program.
  • Telegram is free forever. There is no subscription fee without ads
  • Keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks.
  • Telegram is not limited to the size of your media and conversations.
  • Finally:Telegram gives you free and unlimited voice calls

Further details of download telegram app:

Part 1:

High speed:
The speed of these telegrams is much higher than the original telegram because they use multiple dedicated and very powerful proxies, and this creates high speed in the program.
Quickly delete individual and group messages:
This new feature helps you delete all your individual or group messages forever in a very short period of time.
Text below video and gift before sending:
With this feature, before sending any video message in the form of video and gift, you can put your desired message in the form of short and long descriptions under the video and gift of your choice.
Power ID:
So, by this feature, you will be able to find the IDs of all people by writing their names, an interesting part of which is the ability to differentiate and identify the IDs of individuals, channels, groups and robots.
Message confirmation:
All messages for sending have two-step security, which can be set automatically and manually, and they ask you for confirmation to send any message.
Ability to categorize chats and channels:
The program allows you to categorize all your chats and channels to your liking with your desired names so that you have easy and timely access.

part 2:

It has a very advanced forward:
You can use the usual post-quote and post-edit options for all messages to send your messages.
Accurate display of the audience’s online status and their changes:
With this feature, all the situations of your contacts are visible to you and nothing is hidden from your eyes.
Intra-program security:
It is possible to lock on private chats sections that you do not want anyone to be able to see.
Ability to leave the group and return to it:
With this feature, there are no more worries about losing groups, and you can leave the group whenever you want and return to the group.
Block all ads:
Advertising is one of the ways to generate revenue for the creators of unofficial Telegram, which in some telegrams can be removed from advertising.

Is Telegram Hackable?

Telegram security is one of the most important issues in the Telegram program. That you need to achieve the necessary transparency and be able to use the program with ease. In the Telegram application, it uses a new and unprecedented security system called MTProto. So, which operates in such a way that it is end-to-end, and the messages are encrypted between the sender and receiver. So, only for The sender and receiver are visible and cannot be viewed or stored even for the Telegram server.
Telegram users can use this messenger with ease. This security server is so strong and impenetrable. So, after several years there has been no loophole for infiltration, and Telegram owners hold conferences every year. Telegram ask all hackers around the world to find the smallest loopholes. Win an award $250,000, but so far the smallest security breach has not been found.(Telegram app)

Anti-Blocking Telegram

This telegram has been able to show the highest and most stable easy connection, features, facilities, security and growing trend, and has caused the satisfaction of 5 stars among other programs and has received the highest score from the audience. The installation process of Picoplas has always been growing. And in the first 3 months it has been able to attract 300 thousand users. In the second 3 months it has been able to have nearly 700 thousand users. So, after one year it has reached one million and one hundred thousand users. It shows that there have been no disturbing advertisements that have been able to go through such an extraordinary process.(Telegram app)

What is the ghost mode?

Ghost mode is a feature that allows you to hide some situations in the program. Spirit mode allows you to hide hidden messages from the second tick that has been seen, so that others do not want to be informed that you have seen these messages.

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is an open source messenger with high quality free features and Telegram is currently the most popular messenger that offers features such as chat and voice calls for free.

Download Telegram app v6.0.1

To download the new Telegram for Android, in version v6.0.2 of Android, you can use the links in the post. In this version, Telegram once again proved its popularity and superiority by adding a separate folder for chats.

What is a private Telegram chat?

A confidential conversation with great security in Telegram that you can set an expiration date even for chats, for example, after a few seconds, it will be completely removed from Telegram and, of course, completely free.