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As you know, Telegram is designed based on the number of members and the level of activity of the members. Therefore, any telegram channel that has more members and more activity is known. As a result, efforts must be made to steadily increase the number of members and view posts.

Buy Automatic member and view

Doing Automatic members and view is very smart job. Because, with one purchase, you can increase the number of members and views daily and automatically. Therefore, your channel for a month add daily view and daily real members.

Buying steps :

Firstly, Make the channel public
Secondly, Put the public link
Then, Select the number of members and daily views
Finally, pay

you can buy utomatic members and view to 1k per day or 30k per month from the website. But, for more members and views you can send text and request directly to admins in telegram.

Admins telegram ID: @javad_saberry

Additional information

buy automatic members and views

buy 1000 automatic members and 1000 views, buy 500 automatic members and 500 views


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